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Summary of Hearing

All, Judge Leichty conducted a hearing yesterday on all of the outstanding motions yesterday, and I wanted to take a minute to update you on his rulings and the next steps in the IU Vaccine Mandate case:  The judge granted our motion to expedite the briefing, discovery, and hearing on our preliminary injunction hearing;  As to our discovery requests, the […]

IU Fights Disclosure

Indiana University Fights Disclosure of the Reasons Why It Imposed a COVID Vaccine Mandate on IU Students and How COVID Infections and Vaccinations Have Affected Them Indiana University is taking a trick from its storied basketball program—running out the clock– in an effort to keep the public and the federal courts in the dark about why IU mandated COVID vaccinations […]

Attorney Jim Bopp Exclusive on Tucker Carlson

Attorney sues to stop ‘most severe’ vaccine mandate at Indiana University ‘We filed the case. We’ve asked for expedition. We are seeking a preliminary injunction to enjoin this mandate from taking effect’ An attorney representing students at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday that it is unconstitutional for it or any institution to mandate a coronavirus […]

Lawsuit Filed By Students Against IU

Fort Wayne, Indiana – On Monday, several Indiana University students filed a federal lawsuit against IU challenging its draconian COVID Vaccine Mandate. The lawsuit alleges that IU has violated both the students’ constitutional rights as well as Indiana’s Vaccine Passport Law. IU’s Mandate requires every student to take the COVID vaccine. If a student refuses to do so, the student will […]

Student and Parents to Lead Mass Protest

IU Students and Parents to Lead Mass Protest of University’s Vaccine Mandate on Thursday, June 10 on the Historic IU Campus in Bloomington, Home of the Hoosiers  On May 21, Indiana University announced that it will require all students, faculty and staff to get the Covid-19 vaccine, saying it’s the only way the university can return to having in-person classes. Exemptions, IU […]