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  • Bloomington, IN


We are a grassroots coalition of students, parents, Alumni, and concerned community members advocating for medical autonomy and equal treatment of all students, faculty, and staff. We stand firm in our belief that everyone has sovereignty and FREEDOM OF CHOICE to make medical decisions regarding their individual health. We oppose any form of medical segregation or discrimination regarding access to education, employment, housing, and community events.

Medical Autonomy

Protecting one’s rights to medical autonomy. No one should be blocked from their right to pursue an education nor be barred or segregated from participating in campus activities.

Equal Treatment

Advocating for equal treatment for those who choose and choose not to participate in receiving mRNA/viral vector DNA medical interventions.

Assist Others

Sharing resources to assist those in similar situations around the country and educate them about their options and their rights.

Understanding Options & Rights

Understanding our options and rights in preventing a public university from mandating medical interventions that have no known long term safety data. Additionally, these injections may only lessen the severity of symptoms, not prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Any medical mandate for a product available only under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and not fully FDA approved is concerning due to the apparent lack of consideration toward the benefits of a robust natural immune system, broad and durable acquired immunity, and existence of available, effective treatment for THIS STATISTICALLY LOW RISK demographic group.

Join us and please share with those who want to protect the right to medical autonomy.