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What is the COVID19 vaccine requirement according to IU?

From the IU Press Release, dated June 1, 2021:

As part of the accelerated exemption process, those receiving the vaccine are no longer required to upload documentation. Instead, students can certify their status as part of a simple attestation form that will be available on June 2. IU has offered special incentives to those opting to upload documentation, as well.

What does the IU COVID-19 vaccine policy mean?

Students will “attest” that they have had the experimental jab, without being required to submit documentation proving they received the jab.  If the student chooses not to receive the experimental jab, the student can apply for a religious or medical exemption or deferment. Requesting a religious exemption is fairly simple and does not require any additional documentation, at this time. 

How does IU’s recent (June 1, 2021) policy change affect students’ rights?

The Fall 2021 Restart Guidelines still violate students’ rights.  Softer language still renders harsh consequences for students who refuse the experimental jab.  The “Incentive Program” constitutes special treatment for those who upload vaccine documentation.  Special treatment for some equates to disparate treatment of others.  In essence, this means those who do not comply will be singled out and treated unfairly.

Additionally, students whose exemption is approved will be required to participate in mitigation testing, at levels consistent with those at risk last academic year, and have to wear a face mask inside all IU campus buildings, on campus transportation, and in outdoor spaces when physical distancing is difficult.

Attorney Jim Bopp will be challenging the mask and mitigation mandates on the grounds that this creates an unreasonable burden on those who are exempt from vaccination. Anyone who receives an exemption denial should contact Jim Bopp by going to http://www.families4choice.org/denied.

Who is affected by the IU COVID-19 vaccine policy?

Essentially everyone who believes in freedom of medical choice and privacy will be affected.  Currently, those who are directly impacted are IU students and staff, as well as their family members. If IU is allowed to maintain this policy, students who chose not to get the experimental jab and are not granted an exemption will have their registration canceled. Additionally, employees who exercise their right to not take the experimental job will be terminated.  

IU is setting a precedent which others will follow.  Ultimately, everyone will be affected if IU is allowed to continue with this unconstitutional mandate.  Those who will follow suite may include; other universities, K-12 education, employers, and businesses including: airlines, concert and sports venues, hotels, and restaurants, just to name a few. 

Currently, IU is mandating the experimental, non FDA approved, emergency use authorized, COVID19 vaccine. If allowed this time, they could mandate other freedom restricting medical or non-medical choices in the future, including future COVID19 boosters which are already in process.

The change in verbiage says that I no longer have to provide proof of a Covid vaccination; however, I’m being asked to sign an “attestation”, what is this?

The new requirement of an “attestation”, as opposed to actually uploading vaccine documentation, is not a material change. IU is still requiring some proof which should not be required. If a student misrepresents/lies on the attestation, the form states there will be disciplinary action taken. It is unclear what that means, but could be as harsh as expulsion.

How do I claim an exemption, medical or religious, from the experimental, non FDA approved, emergency authorized use, COVID19 Shot?

On June 1, 2021, IU students received an email containing the updated Fall 2021 Restart Guidelines, which discussed how to file a religious or medical exemption.  At this time, the exemptions are a click option, no questions asked. 

What does an approved exemption mean?

Currently, under IU policy, the exempt student will be required to participate in mitigation, testing at levels consistent with those at risk last academic year and wear a face mask inside all IU campus buildings, on campus transportation, and in outdoor spaces when physical distancing is difficult.  

This policy allows IU to single out and unfairly treat those who have exercised their medical freedoms.

Attorney Jim Bopp will be challenging mask and mitigation mandates on the grounds that this creates an unreasonable burden on those who are exempt from vaccination. Anyone who receives a denial should contact Jim Bopp by going to http://www.families4choice.org/denied.

What if I have had COVID19 and have natural immunity, am I still required to get the experimental shot?

Pending Answer

I don’t want the vaccine and I cannot claim or am declining any exemptions, what should I do?

Students who don’t want the experimental jab and are not able to claim an exemption should contact Attorney Jim Bopp. The policy states students who don’t comply will not be able to attend classes. Jim Bopp will be filing for a preliminary injunction preventing IU from cancelling students’ registrations who choose to NOT get the vaccine.

Can Indiana University disclose a student’s vaccination status/exemption to RA’s, Professors, or roommates? 

Pending Answer

The COVID19 Vaccine is Emergency Use Authorized, not FDA approved other than for emergency use, so how can IU require this for students and staff? 

Federal law states that until a vaccine is licensed for full FDA approval, not just Emergency Use Authorization, individuals must have the option to accept or decline the vaccination.  Those in the pharmaceutical industry and the government are attempting to fast track the approval process. Currently, the earliest the COVID19 vaccine should be fully FDA approved outside of emergency use is sometime in 2022-2023.  Typical FDA approval occurs after completing two years of trials in order to adequately collect data to establish if these vaccines are safe and effective enough for the FDA to license. 

What happens if the FDA fast tracks the approval process, and the experimental COVID19 shot is no longer authorized for emergency use only?

Once the vaccine has full FDA approval, it is still a violation of civil rights for a public university to require a vaccine when (1) there is a low risk of serious illness/death to students; (2) there are other effective treatments; and (3) there are serious risks associated with the vaccine. Our requests for documents from IU and the expert witnesses we will retain will prove those elements of our case.

Are the incentives that are being offered to get the experimental jab illegal?

No, unfortunately the incentives are not illegal. They do not amount to coercion or a bribe. However, we believe that these incentives encourage dangerous behavior. IU is recklessly encouraging students to get a vaccine that has been shown to be unsafe. This is a blatant disregard for students’ safety. Students should be told about the significant risks associated with the vaccine, and have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Anything less is a violation of civil rights and is unconstitutional. Where there is risk, there must be choice! 

What actions should I take to protect my medical freedom?


Attend The IU Families for Choice, not Mandates, Inc. events listed on the “EVENTS” page. Invite others to join you!  This movement is about medical freedom for all, including those who attend other universities, family, friends, co-workers, and those who are choosing to get the jab.   Everyone can fight for choice and freedom!

Become aware of your legal rights, by going to the RESOURCES tab on the main menu of this website and selecting from the drop down menu. 

Network with others.  Share this website, invite others to attend the events and donate to help protect the medical autonomy of IU students and staff.Encourage everyone to get involved!

DONATE TODAY by going to the “DONATIONS” tab in the main menu.  Contributions to The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates, Inc. are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes, and will be applied toward expenses for legal action.

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